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Ringing in the New

Welcome to 2018.

Here we are, again, looking down the road of yet another year and posing the same questions of ourselves, as we do every year:

Will I be happy?

Will I be safe?

Will I be loved?

Will I have enough money?

Will I accomplish what I want to?

All of these questions bubble up within us like anvil clouds before a massive thunderstorm. They build and grow; becoming worries that sometimes expands into anxiety.

It seems every year becomes more surreal and more difficult to navigate but you’re not alone. It’s okay to ask for help in these confusing times. It’s okay to ‘ask for directions’ now and then.

So how about it? What do you want to be as a New Year dawns? Where do you want to take your path? You can design your own dreams and then live them:

How will you get there?

Where do you start?

Are you in a state of peace or turmoil?

What are your next steps?

What strategy have you put in place to achieve your goals?

Let’s find out how what your road into 2018 looks like. Contact me at: and let’s talk.

Peace and love. XO

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