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As 2017 starts to draw to a close, I have to say: it’s been quite the year, hasn’t it? Lots of grief and tears, fear and incredulous events that have us all wondering: what comes next?

Over the last 6-months or so, I’ve noticed a new trend and although it’s been a bit shocking for many, it will continue to escalate and in the end, it will shed light on many dark secrets. This is a good thing. If we show put atrocities out in the open, maybe someone will notice them and do something about it.

I’m talking the exposure of cults in our own backyard, sexual predators whom we thought were respectable actors, accusations of rape and child molestation …the worst of the worst. All of this is real, and remember, it’s been there all along. We just haven’t been exposed to the knowledge of it.

Even closer to home, I’m finding out secrets of dear friends, horrifying confessions of childhood abuse of the worst kind by trusted parents, secrets that they’ve carried with them for so many years are starting to now flutter out, slowly and it’s a matter of time before it’s openly talked about.

So, what’s going on?

People are starting to get brave and coming into their power; the silent ones, hurting, are now speaking out – many for the first time. Those that are ready to do so are gathering their courage and saying what needs to be said; telling their story and thank the Heavens that they are. We know how judgmental our culture it. We know that people do not want to hear the truth. It’s so much easier to pretend all is well and sweep all of the nastiness behind the couch or bury it deep in some forgotten pit of denial. Humans have been doing this forever.

Many will get away with it – I need only tilt my head towards my Southern neighbours and at the kind of person they now have leading them to see how engrained turning our other cheek, is. Or worse, complete denial of right and wrong while spinning lies to cover up other lies, complete gaslighting as it’s very best.

What is changing?

We are.

We’re taking a good look around us, at the state of our cities, countries and planet and those that are brave enough are starting to talk. And, the best part? We’re also listening. Oh, there is still the denial…but if you look closely, the evidence is so overwhelming and there are so many others stepping forward, yelling into the Social Media platforms, that THIS IS HAPPENING – that we’re finally starting to show acknowledgment.

Many are holding space for the tears and atrocities that pour out into the digital web that we built. Some are finally seeing what is real and stripping away the coating of sugar, pulling back the couch where we’ve hidden the ugly truth and laying everything bare and raw out for all to see.

Because…it’s time to be real. It’s time for honesty, no matter how awful it is. Next year is an astrological 2-year. It will be a year of cooperation, sensitivity and slow progress. You wait and watch; be patient because not everything will be fixed, not by a long shot. That said, you will see more and more exposure and there will be a plethora of courageous humans that will step forward to tell their stories and expose the darkness.

What happens when darkness is brought into the light? Then, and only then, can we begin to heal the wounds of our soul and body.

Let the light in and the healing commence.

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