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Judge and Jury

I’ve been writing a bunch of words and coming up with all sorts of themes but I haven’t managed to birth a decent blog post in awhile. I’m hoping this one will see the light of day. If you’re reading it, clearly there was a winner.

There’s so much going on at the moment in this crazy, beautiful world of ours but I keep seeing a recurring one, that being, judging others.

We do this all the time to each other and to people whom we don’t know and have no idea what their story is. It’s pretty easy to sit back and become the armchair warrior, taking stabs at everyone who doesn’t think the same way you do.

To be clear, there’s an awful lot of crap going on in the world and people doing/saying questionable things if not down right terrible. As well, yes, I agree, humans need to smarten up and start saving the planet. Many are taking long strides to do just that; there are good things afoot along with not so good.

The point is, every human…every soul is on an individual journey and has come here to experience certain things. It’s not our right to say if that’s good or bad just because we’re healers or spiritual or whatever. You and I are not better than anyone else and no one else is better than you and I. We simple are playing the roles that we agreed to so that we can have the experiences and growth that we desire.

I’m not talking about making bad choices and causing harm to others…I’m talking about not living the life that you chose and maybe not extensively participating in world peace or healing the planet or whatever cause it is that you find worthy. It’s okay just to ‘be’ and yes, we get all caught up in the shiny tech toys of this time in our history. Our way of life may be broken but it’s ‘life’ and humanity doesn’t change on the fly. We grow and evolve, all the while stumbling here and there, before we get our footing.

On that point – it IS history. Never before have we been so technologically evolved but without the matching Soul/spirit work to go along with it. It’s not always pretty or smart or the correct way for humans to move through time - but we don’t get to be righteous about it because this is the journey that we are on. A journey we are ALL on because don't forget, we're all connected.

Earth is a pretty tough place to be and we’re in this together for better or worse. I’m betting that the ‘better’ part is yet to come so try and be patient. I get that most of us are royally screwing it all up and our entire planet is at risk but pointing fingers and blaming doesn't help.

So the next time you see people not agreeing with you or doing things that rub you the wrong way, remember they are here to live their life with their own purpose/lessons/meaning. Hopefully they will aspire to contribute in a positive way. Guide them in gentleness.

Remember that you're here to honour your path; make it the best it can be. Be part of the solution in a kind and loving way. You’ve got this; I believe in you. <3

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