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An Endless Summer Riding on the Winds of Change

2017 has been a very hot and dry summer on the West Coast of Canada. It’s been the worst year for forest fires in our history and I think we’re setting new records for lack of rain. It’s unusual and top that off with the near total eclipse we’ve just had and you may notice a lot of really weird energy, as of late.

It’s Sept. 2nd and we’ve got, yet another, heat wave in the Lower Mainland. I can’t remember the last time it actually rained. This is an odd thing to say in Vancouver when we’re typically complaining about the endless rain and grey skies.

If you’re local, here, and you’re feeling rather ‘off’ and wondering what’s up, there has been lots of energy shifting over the last 8-months. This is a ONE year, after all, a year of plenty of new beginnings and that means change.

From a numerological perspective, a one-year can be many things. It can allow us to express our uniqueness and leadership skills. We can learn to be part of the ONE – as in- co-operate as part of the divine connection between mankind without sacrificing our individuality. We can be present and if you’re wondering why you just joined a movement to better the planet, this is why.

On the flipside, # one energy can be mean, aggressive and violent. We’ve seen a lot of that, haven’t we? The energy focus can be narrow and abrupt, almost targeted.

My sense is that it’s a confusing time but only we can choose where to land. I’m finding significant change is happening in my life from every perspective; it can be exhausting and if you’re currently having trouble sleeping (as I am) you may be struggling a bit against the tides of change, too.

There are, however, many things you can do to help move things along. I’m finding that I am able to manifest very quickly, these days. It’s somewhat daunting how fast I’m able to make things happen that I’m focused on. I will admit, there are a few things that are still taking their time, but it involves other people directly. We cannot change another’s free will but there are workarounds if it’s for the greater good of everyone.

If you are looking for a little help through these energy shifts, a quick reading may be all that you need and if there is a bigger issue you’re wading through, let’s talk about a coaching path to get you back on track. I can teach you how to bring your own dreams into the light through focus, positive manifestation and goal setting.

Let’s make this year of movement one that goes where you need it. Contact me at: for Intuitive Coaching information. Let's see how high you can climb.

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