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When Loved Ones from the Other Side Send Messages

Have you ever wanted a sign from a loved one that has passed over to the other side? Have you ever thought: It would be SO wonderful if I knew they were ok!

If you have, you’re not alone and yes, you CAN get messages and signs. I get them all the time. You can, too. It’s easier than you think because all you need to do is ask and be open-minded to the experience.

Be specific with the kind of sign you want to receive; pick something that has meaning to both of you. Maybe it’s their name, or a vacation spot…perhaps it’s a type of flower?

Also, I’ve read that pennies, dimes that seemingly fall from the heavens and appear out of nowhere, is a good indication that someone is trying to get your attention. Specifically, I resonate around dragonflies.

With my dad, I asked him, once, if he could reach out to let me know that he was around. I visualized a Hawaiian Hula girl. Firstly, because my dear old dad LOVED Hawaii and secondly, I’ve got a photo of him being given a Hawaiian lei after he just got off the plane by a very beautiful Hawaiian girl. It was taken in the 70’s. He was young, quite dashingly handsome and behold the beige polyester suit and sideburns!

Nice look, Dad!

My dad (Nick) just after landing in Honolulu


Later that day, I was visiting a friend and the first thing out of her mouth was: “Did I tell you my husband is taking me to Hawaii for my 50th birthday?”

And there it was. My confirmation that, indeed, my father was around and checking in.

Try it, you’ll be so glad that you did. Be patient, sometimes it takes a few days for them to send you the sign you’re asking for. It will happen, I promise.

Sometimes they send us signs right out of the blue just because we’re thinking of them. I’ve often associated dragonflies with Brian because of their spiritual meaning. I even thought about getting a tattoo on my back (still contemplating that).

Not that long ago, was the anniversary of his Celebration of Life (thank you Facebook for the reminder) and as I sat there, still in bed, thinking of that day and reading my blog post from 4-years ago…my 5-month old kitten starts creating a ruckus and going for the ONE open window we have that doesn’t have a screen (we’re on the 4th floor).

I shot out of bed to grab the little guy and low and behold, there was the source of all the commotion; a massive dragonfly had landed on the corner of the window and…

It wasn’t. Going. Anywhere.

I secured my little fur-dude in the ensuite for his protection and so he’d be out of the way, and ran for my camera. The dragonfly stayed until I gently nudged it to go, so that I could let Breeze out of the bathroom.

Our loved ones in Spirit will often surprise us with messages and signs; they still love us and miss us as much as we miss them. Don’t be surprised if some moment on some random day, you see a sign that only has meaning to you and them. This is their way of saying: Hello! I l’m here and I love and miss you!

Be open to the possibilities, pay attending and it will happen.

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