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Connecting to the Other Side

When I connect to spirit during a reading, most often it’s instant, but not always. As a conduit and messenger, the information that I get doesn’t always make sense to me and that is because the information is not meant for my benefit, it’s meant for my client’s.

During the process, I often ask if I’m on the right track. If my client says yes, or nods, I keep going. If they stop me and say no – I try again. Psychics are not magical beings; we’re humans and just like anyone else, there are times when we are not connecting properly to the person who we are reading for and we are inaccurate or off track.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone where you swore you were listening but because of various distractions/interferences/etc., you didn’t really hear what that person said? It’s kinda like that.

I’ve experienced this a few times and there are many reasons for it. I could be having an ‘off’ day, I could be picking up energy from other sources that my client has been in contact with. Consider it a bad cell connection where the sound is cutting in and out and then drops. You try again (dialing in) to get better reception but isn’t always possible.

We do the best we can. If a client isn’t satisfied and I’m not able to connect, I don’t charge. It’s important that there is good 2-way communication between a Reader (psychic) and client. If someone just sits there all stoic, worried they’ll give something away, I don't know if I'm on the right path or not. At the very least, a few nods or shakes of a head works wonders!

Recently, a dear friend of mine and mentor, experienced something similar to this. As any good business person who encounters a client who isn’t satisfied, a refund was offered. That should have been the end of it, but it wasn’t.

This person chose to take it to the next level and gather her forces (friends) in a full-on attack and bullying scenario. Let me be clear; there is no scenario or situation where this is ever acceptable behavior. EVER.

Bullying, in any sense, is not tolerated, nor should it be.

There are many faux psychics out there. The way to know the difference is that they will not ask you questions such as:

“Does this make sense to you?”

“Am I on the right track?”

We need confirmation that we’ve connected. We’re providing a service and we want to make sure it’s exactly what you’ve asked for. Messages from spirit or loved ones, often, come in loud and clear, but they also don’t always make sense in the moment. If they don’t, let it sit with you for a few days and if it still doesn’t, let us know. We’re reasonable people. We give refunds if it’s warranted. If we’re completely off-track, tell us! Psychic doesn’t = mind reader. It doesn’t work that way, but boy, it would sure be easy if it did!

The information we get comes in very fast: words/pictures/feelings/colours. I have to roll with it and say exactly what I’m interpreting. We are not Fortune Tellers. Reality has infinite possibilities. What we can do, is give you a best estimate of the most probable outcome if you stay the course you are on. If you change directions, as we all have free will, all bets are off.

Often, we can give you a few probable scenarios, but nothing is cast in stone. I can’t stress this enough. As well, there can be several different things going on at once in your life. We’ve tuned into one of them but there may be two that make sense to you.

I’ll give you an example. I read for a very nice man, a little while ago. I saw him with a business partner and that the relationship was one of mutual understanding and respect. He first said: No! This isn’t right, I know who you’re talking about and there are issues.

I kept talking and soon discovered that there were TWO business partners this fellow had, and it was the second one I tuned in to. And, yes! This was a good relationship with mutual respect and they were both on the same page. He agreed that there was much potential and I reiterated that if they kept on the same path, there will be prosperity.

We are here to help, we are here to serve, and we come in love. It’s not easy work and it’s often draining. Help us to help you by communicating if we’re heading in the right direction, or not. Be clear and stop us if we’re not. We’ll do everything that we can to make sure your reading is the best possible information from spirit that is in your greatest and highest good. xo

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