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Bring on 2017

It’s New Year’s Eve and here we go again.

We’ve all done it, New Year’s resolutions that promise ourselves we’ll be: thinner, happier, healthier, make more money…blah, blah, blah. But what, other than joining that expensive gym you’ll hardly visit, come March, have we actually put in place to achieve these goals?

What processes have we worked through to discover WHY we are not what we want to be in the first place? In order to ‘fix’ our problems, we need to find the core of the issue and address it at the root, but in a loving and healing way.

Every human has their ‘stuff’ that they want ‘fixed’ but let’s not jump into an ocean of issues, let’s deal with one drop at a time. This year, my own resolution is to do whatever I need to start letting things go. Personally, I hang on to all my stuff like it was the very last box of chocolates on the planet. I hold it close to me in a death grip and while I’m, not just hanging onto but trying to smother, my issues…I analyze the hell out of them.

I gather one ‘thing-that-I-hate’ at a time and run it in an endless loop of torment. Does this sound like you?

So I’ve started to put together a workflow for myself. Every time I get into analysis-paralysis with one of the issues that’s bothering me, I do the following:

  • Stop. Stop thinking and clear my mind (this does take several tries and you have to be patient with yourself)

  • Listen. Just listen to the sounds around me…the noise of traffic, the far off bird song, a plane flying overhead or even your cat snoring. This gets me out of my head and into my heart where I belong.

  • Focus. Focus on what I can do today to resolve the problem. I think you’ll find that sometimes there is nothing we can actually DO to the situation as it’s not our situation to handle, even if the outcome directly affects us, we are not in control, here. If there is something I can do…

  • Do. Do one thing, today, that will instigate change for the better and that’s related to the issue that I'm thinking about. If it’s not something I can do in the next 5 min., I make a plan and book a time during the day when I CAN and WILL do this one thing that will make a positive difference. It’s just one thing after all.

  • Be thankful. Thank the Universe, God, Goddess, your Angels…Spirit Guides, whomever I want to thank and be grateful for what I DO have.

  • Seek. Seek and find two things in my life that are going well. Even one will do. I have a wonderful cat whom I love and adore and who's my best buddy. I have all sorts of things that are going well: a lovely home, food in my fridge, my health... Whatever it is, I think about how the good things that ARE going on in my life make me feel. Then…

  • Apply. Apply those same feelings to the not so good things in my life as if they were going great when I've changed them. I use my imagination. What would it look like and feel like if I lost those 10 or 15 lbs.? I imagine myself there. Feel it. See myself out and about buying new clothes that make me feel fantastic! I hold on to that feeling and…

  • Take it with me. I take those feelings, those positive feelings with me into the day and make sure that I do that one thing to make a positive difference to the issue that bothering me.

Whenever I get anxious about my life situations, I do what I can to follow these steps and my resolution is to do this every morning as I lay in bed contemplating the day. By tuning into the positive and acting on the things I can have a good affect in changing, I'm letting the stuff I don't want in my life...go.

What will you do in 2017 to help heal yourself?

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