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5 Reasons You’d Hire a Life Coach

1. Being ‘stuck': Whether it’s getting to that next stage in a relationship, career or having a goal that you just can’t seem to achieve, Life Coaches provide a safe environment to help set the stage to 1) make those changes or 2) put a plan in place so that you can see real results.

2. Maneuvering through change: The absolute biggest change in my life resulted from my boyfriend taking his life, two years ago. Suicide grief is something I’m more than just a little familiar with.

This single event completely upended my entire life and in a matter of about 3 hours, I realized that everything was going to change but the biggest change was going to happen to myself.

After seeing 3 different counsellors (including Registered Psychologists) I wasn’t any better off in stick handling all the changes that were happening within me and externally.

Had I been better able to express myself with someone who had been through this trauma and really understood it, I would have developed tools and coping mechanisms to fully deal with this incredible derailment, a lot better.

Now, not every person experiencing change (whether self-conceived or not) is to this extreme, but ‘change’ is difficult at the best of times.

You may have lost your job or are navigating through an end to a relationship… Or, it may be a positive change that you’re working on bringing in to your life! How would you do it? What’s your game plan and how are you going to measure it?

3. Going from great to FANTASTIC!: Okay, so your life is a bed of roses…or is it? How do you go from good to great? How do you define your life and what do you want to become better? It’s great that you’re comfortable with your life and are happy with your routines; what would you look like/what would your life look like – if you stepped out of the box you’re in and defined yourself in a completely different way?

4. FEAR: Forget Everything And Run… or – Face Everything And Rise. Which one are you? Who are you really, and who do you want to become? You are always, in control of our own life but there are times when it seems we are not. Are you ready to take over the wheel and drive yourself? How would the new you look, if you were able to get past and really deal with thing things you’re afraid of?

5. Therapy is great but doesn’t cover all the bases: I’ve been to more counsellors than I can shake a stick at. I love ‘em, I really do…but there is a big difference between a Coach and a Counsellor. Councellors deal with all your past trauma and help give you tools to deal with your issues. Coaching is co-creative, collaborative, in the present and looks to the future. It’s the here, the now and it’s real time, baby. You have all the answers inside you and I will dig in there, real deep, to help you find them. YOU, are always driving the bus, but as your co-pilot/navigator, I’ll make damn sure you get to your destination.

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