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Being Accountable

A few or my recent clients presented me with an interesting theme: Accountability. They wanted me to help them become accountable to their goals. While I can encourage, follow up, support and brainstorm with you, I can’t account for your accountability.

Let’s break this word down: Account | Ability. The word account has several meanings. One is a descriptive report/version/narration or explanation. Another is to consider or regard in a specific way. I think both can be applied to our lives.

Ability, is to: have possession of or the means/skills to do something. As well, a talent or skill in a particular area.

Thus, you would have the skillset to produce a report or consider something in particular way. How does this relate to your life? I would ask you a few questions to ponder over.

  1. How do you envision your life story and do you feel you have all the necessary skills to maneuver through the contents?

  2. How do you regard your challenges and do you feel that you have the talent to accept them/move through them and learn from them?

Strictly speaking, accountability is to be responsible for oneself and one’s actions but there is more to it than that.

Do you have the ability to account for you? Perhaps you need assistance working with your skills and talents so that you can responsibly consider all of your actions, alternatives and in-actions and then commit to them so you get favourable results.

Life is all about choices, after all; will you chose to be Account Able?

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