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Tending Your Garden

The Holiday Season can be difficult for many. Loss, grief and financial issues are just a few causes but there are lots more. Everywhere you look there are memes for ‘self-love’ and ‘being kind/gentle to yourself', and although positive reinforcement is great, we need to take action.

Come up with a plan that is best for you and write it out. It could look something like this:

  1. Take 10 min. every day to meditate or simply ‘be with yourself’. Do this first thing in the morning.

  2. Pick only the social engagements you’re okay with and ditch the rest. I’m giving you permission to say ‘no’. If you don’t feel up to attending anything , that’s okay, too.

  3. If you’re having a particularly crappy/sad/anxious day – take a sick day if you’re able to. Shortly after Brian passed away, I had an anxiety attack at work. I allowed myself to ‘be unwell’ and just went home. The world didn’t end with me not being there, either.

  4. If you’re really in rough shape and need to talk to someone, don’t feel bad about reaching out to those that you trust. If you can’t get a hold of anyone, there are numbers you can call and things you can do; I’ll list them, below.

  5. Understand that not everyone will ‘get’ you and what you’re going through but that’s okay. The main thing is to ‘get’ yourself and know you’re not alone; bad shit happens to good people ALL the time. We just need more good people to talk openly about it.

  6. Lastly, tend your garden. What I mean by that is: weed out all the crap that no longer serves you. You know what I’m talking about. Only you are allowed to do this as it’s your life and your garden.

I hope that helps and I wish you all a very Happy Holiday and wonderful New Year.

Carrie xo

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