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The Myths and Truths about Hypnotherapy

I’ve always been fascinated by past life regressions and hypnosis. However, I didn’t understand how it all worked. I read books by acclaimed Psychiatrists and Hypnotherapists such as Brian Weiss, author of Many Lives, Many Masters and how during a hypnotherapy session he stumbled into a past life regression with a client. Dr. Weiss’s story is interesting, and I seem to remember that he never intended to delve into the spiritual realm and making it his main practice.

The main takeaway from the sessions was that his clients find the experience extremely healing. It had meaning for them and was therapeutic. As a doctor of psychiatry and a hypnotherapist, this end result was what he was aiming for. It’s what all therapists, including myself, aim for with our clients – for them to heal and be confident to move on with their lives and be happy.

So, with that in the back of my mind, I sought out a Hypnotherapy program and landed on a Counselling Hypnotherapy Diploma. Nearly 2-years later, I’ve launched a new website completely dedicated to Hypnotherapy and Counselling.

I don’t do intuitive readings any longer, but I will be starting past life regressions very soon. Back to Hypnosis and what it is and isn’t… When I was a little girl, my dad took us to see Reveen. It was hilarious and fascinating. I couldn’t understand how ordinary people were able to be controlled like that up on stage. What I learned later was that Reveen was an illusionist and a magician. He was not a hypnotherapist.

What Peter Reveen was able to do wasn’t mind control, but a powerful hypnotic suggestion to people who ‘wanted’ to participate in his act. I clearly remember him asking permission, first and foremost. He asked all of those who ‘wanted’ to be hypnotized on stage to first interlace our fingers together, turn them outwards and then put them on their forehead whilst he brought the audience into trance. He told us that his assistants would walk around the audience to see if they could pull our laced fingers from our foreheads. I don’t remember if my dad participated but I did…if the assistant couldn’t pull your fingers apart, you went up on stage – in full trance and very open to suggestions. If he could, you didn’t.

At the last moment, I got scared and my fingers pulled apart easily enough. After all, I was just a little kid.

I can’t stress enough that while the people that did go on stage were really in trance and did silly things…that they were fully aware of what they were doing and again ‘wanted’ to be up there.

It’s extremely important to know the following: under no circumstances can a Mentalist/Illusionist/Hypnotist OR Hypnotherapist MAKE YOU DO ANYTHING that you don’t want to do. No one can get inside your head and put suggestions in there to do dastardly deeds or make you give them private information, etc. The human mind simply doesn’t work that way.

There is no such thing as Hypnotic Mind Control. There never was and never will be. Don’t fall for the Hollywood movie made up stories.

Hypnosis is Trance. Trance is a natural human state of being. People (yes even you) go into trance many, many times a day. Every time you daydream…get into a good book or watch a good movie. Trance is a concentrated form of focus. If you’re into sports and are ‘In the Zone’ or an artist and are absorbed in the moment of creating, this is trance. If someone goes into shock, they are also in a state of trance.

Sometimes you don’t remember everything right afterword such as when you drive the same way to the office for years and there is that stretch where you go into autopilot; your body seems to know the way as your mind wanders and suddenly you’ve driven 10 km and you can’t remember how you navigated those 10 km! Your conscious mind can’t remember but your unconscious can. It has been paying attention all along.

It's your unconscious or sometimes hypnotherapists call this the subconscious mind, that I help YOU tap into. I’m not the one in control. I’m not controlling you but guiding you along a path to help you discover a better way of being.

There is no way that anyone can force someone to move into trance. However, a qualified Hypnotherapist can guide someone into a light or deep trance. If you’re into meditation, you’ve experienced trance on all sorts of levels.

I’m an Ericksonian Hypnotherapist and I use a lot of metaphors and stories along with reframing to assist you with looking at certain aspects of your life in a different way. This helps to get past certain blockages that might hold you back and impede you from making good changes/choices in your life that you wish to make.

Reveen (this time it was the son, Ty Reveen) came back to the same city I lived in when I was small, this time I was all grown up and married to my ex-husband. My ex’s brother-in-law went to see him and actually did go on stage. He remembered doing the silly things (hypnotic suggestions) that he did, but he also remembered that he wanted to be up there, and he had a lot of fun!

Hypnotherapists don’t promote hypnosis for entertainment. It’s not our thing and most of us feel it exploits the therapeutic benefits by making it silly rather than what it was/is historically used for.

Trance has been used by healers since the dawn of man. It’s not new. However, it’s only since the late 18th century that we’ve really explored how it works and how it can be used to help people in therapy as well as developing different and updated techniques. Hypnosis is used by psychologists, psychiatrists, dentists, counsellors, and all manner of professional healers, today.

First and foremost, what I offer is therapy. Everything I do (even past life regressions) are for my client’s therapeutic benefits. My goal is to help you move forward in your life and find happiness and fulfillment.

Welcome back to the ‘new’ Healing Corner. xo

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