I playfully call this my Cosmic Coaching Section.

As an Intuitive, I can help you discover a little more about YOU!

My readings consist of a typical tarot reading, which talks about what’s really going on in your life – along with some potential situations to be aware of, or look forward to. I tell it like it is. Whatever comes in will be communicated to you and just so you know – messages from Spirit are always gentle and meant to help and heal you.

If there is a loved one that has passed on that you wish to communicate with – chances are they will come through. This isn’t always the case but I haven’t had a time where one didn’t. As well, others may come forward, that you weren’t expecting.

Often the dearly departed will be present themselves long before you show up, after you book your reading. I once had a client whose father pestered me for a whole two weeks before his son had the time to sit down with me. His message was urgent and very important.

As souls, we have free will – with or without our bodies! When we are back home, we miss those still on Earth, just like you miss those that have passed over. Our bonds of love are never broken.

I will aid you in hearing the messages with you heart, and support you to take action and support changes from your place of inner strength.

Email me to book a reading.

Embrace Life