I'm part of several associations that assist others in their wellbeing and I urge you to check them out. There are many local healers and practitioners that are here for you! 

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Neurological Wellness Association (NWA) is a registered NGO (S-57373) in British Columbia and Alberta since 2010.   

We have just expanded Nationally, and are excited to share our vision with the rest of Canada!

Mission – To help as many people as possible by providing funding for health services that are not paid for by our government.



OUR MISSION is to connect people with others that will help empower them and inspire positive change. 

OUR VISION is to see all modalities represented across every community in BC. 

We VALUE being NICE:

    Nurturing – all things in love

    Inclusive – accepting of all beliefs

    Compassionate – we each have our own story

    Empowering – teach people the tools to live their best life