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Why Do People seek Coaches and Counsellors?


Although I've always been that 'friend' who others term to in times of a crisis, I'd never intended to become a coach or counsellor. However, sometimes life intervenes and takes us into a very different direction.


In 2015, when the man I loved took his life, the Universe cracked open for me. The impact of his untimely leave of this world shook me so hard that I found myself off my life path and lying in a mess of grief, horror and hopelessness. I was utterly lost, yet through this crack, the light flowed in and with it, a clear understanding of what I was meant to do.


Grief of any kind is debilitating, but losing a loved one to suicide, I’ve found, is beyond devastating. Through counselling, I found healing and today, I offer that back.


Let me assist you on your life journey. Perhaps you’re not even sure what it looks like, but I can help you find it. :-) The life that you seek is yours to design. I aim to help find that drive, creativity, direction and motivation to get you to your next step and beyond.